About us

About us

SPRACHENZENTRUM LEIPZIG is one of the leading language schools in Leipzig. Our programs are aimed at anyone who wants to communicate in more than one language - whether professionally or privately.
SPRACHENZENTRUM LEIPZIG has a proven record of success as a reliable partner for language training and for professional development, both in local and international companies as well as in federal institutions.

Quality factors

At SPRACHENZENTRUM LEIPZIG, you will experience lively language training. You will learn to communicate in the "foreign language" starting from the first lesson. The language you would like to learn will be your teachersʼ mother tongue. The best way to learn languages is to speak them. You will have every opportunity to do so at Sprachenzentrum Leipzig:
You will be able to grasp and recognize typical communicative situations, react to concrete speaking prompts, practice appropriate responses, and deepen your language skills in dialogs and discussions. Hence, you will be able to benefit from your newly acquired language skills in any situation.


Language is not a string of words, but an interplay of different elements, which we use to communicate purposefully. In order to be able to use these elements appropriately, you require teachers who present and explain the elementsʼ interplay.

The placement:
- objective
- accurate
- from the beginning

The placement test allows us to determine your level of proficiency - so that we can recommend the right course for you.

Based on the placement test and the detailed definition of your language goals, we will tailor the training program to your specific requirements.



Feedback and learning progress

We will oversee and document your learning progress with interim tests and surveys. We will implement criticism or suggestions during the ongoing training. Feed-back from participants at the end of the training will form the basis for follow-up courses.


At the end of the course, participants will receive a qualified certificate of participation,
documenting the level of proficiency attained, the dates and the amount of lessons taken.
Individual feed-back and targeted recommendations for follow-up courses will motivate students for the next course level.
On request, the course levels A1, B1, B2 can be concluded with an examination of SZLE Sprachenzentrum Leipzig.
We also offer preparation for special international language exams.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to advise you.


Please let us know about courses you are interested in.
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