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1. Background:
With the variety of suppliers of almost identical, high-quality products, today sales are largely realized through communication.
The employees of your company who communicate directly with your international customers and clients can only succeed if they demonstrate excellent language skills. Employees who are aware of different cultural and business customs of your customers and clients will be particularly successful.

2. Goals:
In which situations should/must your employees communicate in a foreign language - orally and/or in writing?

3. Current level of proficiency:
An accurrate assessment of the current level of proficiency is the be-all and end-all when it comes to language learning. Therefore, we invite you to assess your current language skills with our placement test:

Get started right away:

4. Planning:
Based on international know-how and local competence, Sprachenzentrum Leipzig provides you with a comprehensive and custom-made training concept. However, experience shows that medium-term training programs often have to be supplemented to meet short-term needs. That is why, Sprachenzentrum Leipzig will offer your company on request a complete package of comprehensive language support for your management, secretaries, customer service, sales staff, or any other group in your company that deals with foreign language communication.

5. Tracking of students' learning progress & certificates
The success of language training is measurable. Our controlling makes students' learning progress transparent and documents personnel development: 

  • There will be structured interim surveys after the course start and feed-back from teachers.
  • We will implement criticism or suggestions during the ongoing training.
  • The feed-back from participants at the end of the training will form the basis for follow-up courses.
  • Companies will receive section-specific feedback and attendance statistics upon request.
  • Regular reviews and tests will document the learning progress achieved.

At the end of the course, participants will receive a qualified certificate of participation, documenting the level of proficiency attained, the dates and the amount of lessons taken.
Individual feed-back and targeted recommendations for follow-up courses will motivate students for the next course level.
On request, the individual course levels can be concluded with an examination of SZLE Sprachenzentrum Leipzig.
We also offer preparation for special international language exams.

Test your language skills Free of charge


The test is free of charge for you. You do not enter into any obligation to book a course.
We wish you good luck and some exciting minutes!